Here’s a bullet list of all updates to made available today


  • Support for Oblique Imagery projects
  • Introduction of Coupons
  • Save and Export measurements as Objects
  • Auto-save and recover your workspace


  • Implementation of Oblique Imagery support
    Oblique Mapping projects can now be uploaded and visualized in, and combined with any other resource you have available. Oblique Mapping projects are created and uploaded using the Orbit Oblique Feature Extraction desktop product.
  • Oblique Viewer layout to simultaneously view a 3D reference and 4 oblique images, all in sync (focus point and zoom level)
  • Added Oblique imagery measurement functions
  • Added Save and Export measurements as KLM objects
  • Auto Save and Auto Recover your workspace.
    At all time, when re-opening the 3DMC viewer, your last state will be re-initialized. This includes the opened Resources, as well as all personal settings you may have set. Perfect for a quick continuation next day, or prepping a demo for a customer.
  • Improved support for various CRS systems.
  • Improved start-up use of viewer (less waiting during loading time)
  • Additional Color Ramps for Point Cloud colorization
  • Cool implementation for disabled measurement tools


  • Introduction of Coupons.
    Coupons allow a user to buy a certain use of 3DMC for someone else, e.g. the customer. Purchase a Coupon using the Console, and have the customer or business partner redeem the Coupon during Sign Up. A super great way to share your content.