So you’ve been collecting streets for a single purpose, e.g. making an inventory of poles.  But we all know there’s so much to do with that data.  So why not make it available to a third party that is willing to use that data instead of recollecting it ?

So you have been using 3D Mapping data for your project, and finished it much earlier than planned.  That’s great.  Now up to the next project.  Are you willing to wait a year until the tender is our, a contractor is selected and the data is collected and delivered ?  Or would you be happy with an existing dataset and get started right away ?  Most likely even cheaper !

These are just 2 examples why we need to do more to make this super valuable 3D Mapping content available for third parties.  And this is why Orbit GT has launched the 3D Mapping Marketplace.

“There’s so much Reality Capture performed, generating high quality and high value data.  This data is often used for only one project, which is a shame.” says Peter Bonne, CEO of Orbit GT. “The new Marketplace offers simple and direct communication between Data Provider and Data Consumer, and a unique way to find each other, which was up to now impossible to do.  So now seller and buyer can find each other, and we don’t even take a commission !”

Orbit GT’s Marketplace is part of the 3D Mapping Cloud platform.  The Marketplace is hosted in the cloud, and allows every 3D reality capture firm to list up the data they want to sell, or resell.  You can link it to a live preview Publication of Bookmark in 3D Mapping Cloud, however this is not required.  List up any technical specs you consider valuable to your customer, and add the sales contact to make your sale.  Add location information and a nice thumbnail !

As Data Consumer, use the Marketplace to search for data you’re interested in.  Use a text search, location, date of collection, country, data type.  The Marketplace presents the result list in a table and on a map.  Click to check the details. When you find what you’re looking for, contact the Seller.  Orbit GT makes no part in the sale transaction !  Check it out on

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