The Publication is the most powerful way to unleash the powers of 3D data to the world.  One Publication can hold various global coverages of base, maps, state wide terrain models, mobile mapping corridors, a vast variety of Drone data collections, Aerial Coverage using nadir and oblique camera’s and various types of LiDAR, and a ton-load of terrestrial scans, all in a single setup. This is just Available Off The Shelf.

But whilst deploying that a few month ago with our valued early adaptor partners, we figured out that the URL we used to share a Link to the Publication could, to say the least, be a bit better, not to say “safer”.  Previous URL listed your organisation number and the publications number clearly readable in the URL.  How’s that for a hackers little present!  Fortunately, only our early adaptors and Orbit GT were aware of this issue, ad we quickly fixed it to something quite unbreakable : an obfuscated randomised token.  Phoe !-That’s solved !

So now you can sit back and enjoy launching a Publication with so much valuable data using a top secure method, for example :

Try to decipher that !

And here’s a quite nice supplement :  The “Token” can be used to launch the Publication from within the SDK, or from within a Plugin.  Just Copy and Paste your Token ( for example :  “HfikEuivbDvk8ebfvgw0vbnckJBFVd” ) and you’re all set.

Please note.  The code “HfikEuivbDvk8ebfvgw0vbnckJBFVd” is totally randomised from this page.  There’s no such token in real live.  Don’t try this at home 😉