Introducing a Dashboard with statistical information on your use of 3D Mapping Cloud.

We think that is important.  The Statistics Dashboard provides insight for the Account Administrator to evaluate the use of the Named Users, Resources, Data Centers and more.  It helps finetuning your account so you can upgrade or downgrade as effectively as possible, getting the maximum out of your cash.  Because that is important.

Statistics show for example the number of users you pay for, and how many of them are actually using their account.  If pushed to the limit, you may wish to upgrade.  If many are silent, you may wish to downgrade.  Want to now your most active users ?  Also that is listed.  And the ones at the bottom of the list too.

How much do you pay for storage, and how much of that is effectively used ?  For sure that’s insightful information.

These, and a lot more, are now instant available in the Console under your “Account” menu item.

Note : The featured image shows the statistics from March 1st until today (Mar 12) for a customer that started subscription on March 3rd.

See also About Statistics Dashboard.