Now this is really great !  You’ve just learned about Screen Layouts, and now there’s something fabulous you can do with it : Share and Publish it !

Now just how does that work ?  Well, as the heading says, it’s extremely simple.  Once you’ve set up a Screen Layout, and you’ve selected the resources that need to go along, you can save all that together and create a Publication.  Just enter a name and you’re good to go.  You find the ‘Create Publication…’ option in the top right menu.

Any Publication can be shared with users, teams and all at an organisation in a simple click, just as you would do with a single resource.

Really, Publishing content has now been reduced to a few minutes only.  And remember, the list of resources is unlimited, and the resources themselves may have limitless volumes.  So in a single Publication, you may very well publish e.g. a whole country’s Mobile Mapping data (LiDAR and Imagery), its Oblique Imagery (with point cloud), or even both.  It’s really so transparent and flexible.

I wonder which system can beat this !

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