Hey, we’ve got some great news !  We’ve added a new Workspace toolbar to set your screen layout from a single view to multiple views.  On top of that, when you’re using multiple views one of them works as a Reference Map or Base Map.  That’s generally a 2D map that shows where you are.  The other view is the one you’ve been using all along.

Next to that, you can open additional views on your data all in one screen layout.  The 3D viewer (not the Reference Map) has a number, located centrally at the top of the viewer : click on it to reveal options.  Use ‘Add’ to open a next viewer, or ‘Move’ to reposition the current view by a click on the Reference Map.  Finally, use ‘Close’ to close a viewer (you can’t close the last one).

And of course, in each viewer you can switch to any view mode : 3D view, Spherical Image, Planar Image, .. according to the data you have opened.

And finally, we’ve migrated our very powerful desktop measurement capabilities, including the use of triangulation based measurement (image only, no point cloud use) and the capability to start measuring in one view and continue in the other one to pick the best view for each vertex in your measurement.

Cool isn’t it ?

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