Working with spherical imagery has become even more intuitive and faster.  Check it out : loading any image is now blitz fast, even in full screen, full resolution.  How great is that !

Wandering around has also been improved.  Whilst in previous edition you needed to click exactly on an overlaid photo recording position (the blue dots), you can now simply click anywhere in the image to load the spherical image nearest to that position.  The initial view of the newly loaded image will keep the same angle of view.  This is very efficient when e.g. inspecting for all trees or poles along a stretch of road.  Just click somewhere near the next pole, and there you go.  Moreover, it’s extremely efficient when making measurements, where you can jump from one image to the other (use Ctrl-click in this case) during your measurement action and just continue making measurements. – Superfast !

As a bonus, use the Shift key while you click : this will not only load the nearest image, but will also adjust your viewing angle to view the clicked subject.  For example, you wish to check the wires on top of a pole : click the top – the nearest image will be loaded, showing the top of the pole. Also works during measurements.

Note that there can be a bit of a setback :  these improvements need a point cloud to be able to identify the position or object you wish to move to.  If a point cloud is not available, e.g. for image-only datasets, these navigation tools fall back to a reference ground level.  In this case, make sure this parameter is set properly.  A bit of a technical note, but it sure helps your UX !