Here’s what’s new in the March 1st release of 3D Mapping Cloud.

Auto-Play function for Spherical imagery.  We’ve supported auto play since many years on our desktop portfolio.  Now available on 3DMCloud as well, with a refreshed UI.

Power added to Vector Data support.  Vector data is now supported with much faster rendering and capable of streaming much larger dataset.  All uploaded via the Upload Tools (3DM Content Manager).

Sharing Publications can now be done using an anonymous URL.  It obfuscates your database ID’s which is quite important for security isn’t it !

Launching the Viewer now shows an updated Catalog presentation.  Much clearer and  better information on the available resources.

Also new is the introduction of Usage Statistics, showing the evolution of your use of 3D Mapping Cloud.  This allows for fine tuning and optimising your Account, hence your cost.  Yes, we help you to keep your cost down !

And finally, there’s a great new introduction : 3D Stereo Streaming.  Quite sure this is unique on the market.
Either simply anaglyph with your red/blue goggles, or using advanced 3D viewing hardware, it’s supported.  Absolutely fabulous.

All of this, and numerous improvements and fixes have been released.

Keep tuned to our Blog for more details in each of these new features.