Hold the press !  Introducing fly-through in streaming 3D mode !

In the latest 3D Mapping Cloud update, we introduced a fly-through functionality, and the option to save it.

Open the “Fly” sidebar to access the options.  This sidebar is only available for Named Users.

Create a Flight by entering a name, click edit and start adding way points.  This tool will automatically calculate a smooth transition from way point to way point.  Edit any way point and add a travel speed.  You can always check if you’re doing good or need an adjustment using the preview function.

Exit the editor to return to your list of Flights.  You can launch a flight from here.  Additional controls appear on your viewer to pauze, exit, even fly backwards.

We know you’ve got work to do, but hey, work must be fun too !

Here’s an overview of a flight with 3 way points defined.