Well, haven’t you all been waiting for this ?  Feels like Santa Claus bringing the best summer gift you can imagine.

As 3D Mapping content, beyond the one point cloud file or single image, is somewhat complex, conditions have to be met in order to guarantee proper operation.  Say for example, the matching between imagery and point clouds, or the EO files of aerial imagery.  All that is checked and managed by this new great tool to upload your data from your desktop.  There are 3 main steps :

  1. Import
    Import and optimize your dataset for maximum performance.  Not an engineer’s job, it’s quite straight forward.
  2. Catalog
    Here’s where you manage all your datasets, all in one glance.
  3. Upload
    Login to 3dmapping.cloud and upload the prepared set.

To help you with that, there’s a Task Manager to which you can delegate tasks that might take a while, e.g. data conversion or uploading – depending on the volume of the data and your internet connection.

Get started right away and get the tool here.

Read more about Resources, Free Upload Tool

NOTE : The functionalities available in this tool are part of Orbit GT’s 3DM Content Manager.  This product does a lot more than the straight forward Import & Upload.  Check it out and learn what the 3D Content Manager can do for your business.