Here’s what’s new in the June 1st release of 3D Mapping Cloud.

Introducing the Single User account.  Now, for less than $50/month, you can use all of 3D Mapping Cloud’s capabilities.

Introducing free 100GB of Storage and free 5 Guest Users for every account

Introducing Guest Users to be assigned to Publications and Bookmark sharing.  Guest Users do not need to sign in.

Introducing free Upload tool to control the upload of complex datasets.

Adding Sharing capability to Bookmarks, either with URL or embed-ready iFrame code.

Adding Backdrops and new Screen Layout styles

Adding the Fly sidebar to generate Fly-though experience, all streaming.

Adding Search capability for vector data, including investigative navigation.

All of this, and numerous improvements and fixes have been released.

Keep tuned to our Blog for more details in each of these new features.