Here’s a quick overview of a long list of improvements and new features currently made available on 3D Mapping Cloud.

The HTML5 Viewer now supports Screen Layouts, where a Reference Map is added to up to 3 other views – other views which can show anything like point cloud, street level spherical imagery, UAV imagery or Oblique images.  In any of the views, you can easily switch viewing mode according to the data you’ve opened.  So cool that you can now also rotate your Oblique view to see the image form the next camera.

Each of these views can also be repositioned by using the Move function : just click on the reference map to pick your new viewing co-ordinate, and the view will adapt as good as possible, if required showing a new image from streel level, UAV or Oblique.

Navigation in Spherical imagery has been improved by singel click, shift-click and ctrl-click to swiftly switch images and roam through your dataset.

If you’re happy with the setup (a reference map, the shown 3D resources) , you can now save that as a Publication and share that combination of resources with anyone!  The Publication is a powerful concept to prepare a preset view to data and make this data accessible from non-trained people.  It’s the cool thing to do, providing access to many many users.

On the backside of this, we’ve been working hard to support Coordinate Reference Systems and provide an on-the-fly transformation so you can combine various datasets that might have been captured in different ways (local system, national system, GPS co- ordinates, ..).

Support for Vector data has also been improved.  When you use our native OVT formal, large vector datasets can now be streamed to the desktop just as we do with point clouds and images.  Very powerful.  And shown in 2D and 3D and on top of images : every view supports vector data.

We’ve added a Google Search to the Reference map, so can can type in any address – well, you know how that works !

There’s been a large number of upgrade to the Console as well.  The menu has been re-arranged so there’s faster access to the page you need.  Tagging has been added to add any comment to any resource.  And you can search tags !  Additional content and settings can now be edited whereas it was previously not available.  Not that some editing is subject to the role of the user – if you can’t edit, you may just not have the proper role.

Teams have been introduced, which can be applied to set sharing permissions for Resources and Publications.  Cool !

And now, you can set any resource to be a Basemap, which will then appear in the Basemap choice list in the Reference Map.

And the overal styling of the Console has been completed for a nicer hassle-free experience.  Like it ?

And before you know, we’ll be back with more!