Here’s a bullet list of all updates to made available today

  • Enhancements on measurements
    New measurements for points, lines, Areas, distances and catenaries
    Insert, Delete and Move measured vertices
    Copy measurement results to clipboard
    Highlight current measurement function
    Display tooltip and label for all measurement functions
    Updated presentation of measure results
  • Enhancements on 3D Point Cloud Viewing
    Updated color ramp of point cloud display by height and intensity
    Optimised presentation of point cloud data having a projected crs
    Faster response time on point cloud streaming
  • Enhancements on Spherical Image Viewing
    Improved presentation of point cloud data at ground height
    Display photo recording locations based on mouse cursor position
  • Subscribe to a Plan
    Upgrade from Trial account to a subscription Plan and Storage
    Select a Plan and Storage upon registration
    Invite co-workers within your plan
  • Upload data
    Upload your own Mobile Mapping resources
    Support for ‘spherical images only’ resources
  • View your data
    Separate view of trial data and your own data in the Catalog list
    Resources using the same crs can be viewed simultaneously.
  • Release of Upload capability in Orbit MM Content Manager v17.1
    For Mobile Mapping resources (planar images not yet supported in viewer)
    For GIS resources line, area, and basemap data (e.g. orthophoto)