Bringing your data to the world.  Now share instantly to guest users, that is, non registered users, and no sign in required.

As a user of 3D Mapping Cloud, you are registered, signed in, and have an account.  You’re a so-called Named User.  That gives you access to all features of 3D Mapping Cloud.  But what if you only want to share a view on some sample data, or  share a proof of concept with your customer ?  Well, now you can do so very easily.  Your customer, co-worker, or business partner will be able to access you predefined setup – an informal quick Bookmark or a formally setup and tuned Publication (see other posts and documentation).  All of these users, even the public at large, are guest users and you can provide sign-in-free access for them.

From today, you can setup guest user access right from your self-service online console.  And to get started, you get 5 guest users for free !

If you haven’t started yet, now’s the right time !