A while ago, we released the 3D Mapping Viewer SDK, with API’s in .Net and JS.  Next, any developer can now register online, and get access to this SDK right away by accessing the Developer Zone.  And on top of that, the deployment of any plugin built with the SDK is totally free.  So this is a superb way of blending complex 3D Mapping content into your workflow, whichever the host software is.

So now we’ve released a first plugin, based on this SDK, which we built ourselves to provide an operational example, including the open source code.  User can get to work right away, and developers can get a sneak view on how to build their own implementation.

This ArcOnline Widget is built to be used in Esri’s Web-AppBuilder to configure and deploy a Web-App of your choice.  The Widget can access 3D Mapping Cloud as well as an on-premise instance of 3DM Publisher.

Get your copy of the ArcOnline Widget right here : https://orbitgt.com/3dm-plugin/