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General use

Please consult the FAQ page for answers to most of your questions.
Please consult the Blog for reports on updates, tips and tricks about the use of the 3D Mapping Cloud
Please also take a look at our YouTube and Vimeo channels for introduction and educational video’s.

Customer success team

The  Team is at your service during office hours, see :

Education services

Orbit GT provides an on-demand training service online, on site, or at the Orbit GT offices.  Send a request to our sales team for an offer for Training.

Software maintenance and upgrades

The 3D Mapping Cloud is a SaaS product.  This means that you will receive updates and upgrades regularly without any effort.  It’s included in the package.
You may need to clear your browser’s cache to fully enjoy an upgrade.  Check out the Blog for documentation on the newest updates.

Consultancy services

Orbit GT Consultants can help improve your business efficiency using their vast experience and in depth knowledge of the Orbit GT portfolio. Feel free to request a quote form our sales team or your Orbit GT Representative.

Plugin development

The 3D Mapping Cloud comes with a 3D Mapping Cloud Viewer SDK.  The use of this SDK is free, as are any plugins built with it.  Any party can Register as Developer on the Orbit GT website, and use the API to embed the 3D Mapping Cloud Viewer SDK in any application.  The user of the plugin will need to login in the same way as on the regular 3D Mapping Cloud website.  The Console cannot be accessed from the SDK.

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