About SDK Login

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About SDK Login

How to Login using the SDK

When you are using a Plugin based on the 3D Mapping Cloud Viewer SDK, you need to Login.
There are 3 ways to do so :

  1. Sign in to 3D Mapping Cloud as Named User : Requires User and Password.
  2. Sign in to 3DM Publisher : Requires Publisher Url, User and Password. Then choose a Publication.
  3. Use a token to get access to a 3D Mapping Cloud Publication as Guest User : Requires a Publication or Bookmark token.



Sign in to 3D Mapping Cloud

You can sign in to 3D Mapping Cloud as a Named User.  Further on, you can pretty much do exactly the same as in a browser, but have the added value of the Plugin being integrated in your preferred host.

You can switch on ‘Remember Me’ to auto-login next time you visit the Plugin.


Sign In to 3DM Publisher

The SDK can also login to an on premise installed 3DM Publisher.  To do so, you will need to enter the Publisher’s URL, then enter your credentials.  When your login is successful, you will be presented with a list of Publications to which you have been given access.  Pick a Publication an go.  If you have access to only 1 Publication, this last step may be skipped.



Sign in as a Guest User

Both options above need you to have an account to log in.  In this option, you only need a token that has been provided to you.  This token is the identification of a 3D Mapping Cloud Publication or Bookmark.  Just enter the Token and you’re set to go.

Note : Every Publication or Bookmark created by a Named User can be made available through a URL containing a Token.
Typically, this URL looks like :
where “UqftKR8bABexU4PnjGJ8” is the Token.