About Named Users and Teams

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About Named Users and Teams

Named Users

Every 3D Mapping Cloud user is a Named User.  This means he or she is individually identified and known by the system.  Key identification is a unique email address for that person.  A Named User is associated with a single Account, i.e. the account of the organisation where he or she works for.

The Owner of the Organisation’s Account invites other users to become Named Users.  The user will receive an email message to which must be replied in order to complete the invitation process.

The way this person may use the 3D Mapping Cloud is defined by the User Role and the Permissions associated with that role.
Secondly, this person may have access permissions to view some datasets, and some not.

  • The Role and its Permissions are tied to this individual and cannot be transferred.
  • The Owner and Administrators of the Account can assign Roles and Permissions to each Named User.
  • There can be as many Named Users as your Account’s Plan permits.  Users can be disabled to let other users make use of the same maximum amount of Named Users.

All Named Users within an organisation must be part of a single Account of that organisation.  An Account may not list users from another organisation.

About The Billing Agent.

There can be one or more Billing Agents that will not be counted as a Named User as long as he/she has no other permissions than managing the billing details.
You can engage a Billing Agent to manage your plan, company and credit card data, access invoices, and more.

About Concurrent Users

Named Users with the appropriate permission, can create Publications.  A Publication presets the user interaction and resources that can be used.  Such Publication can be addressed to Named Users within and outside the Organisation’s Account.

In situations where the end user is unknown, or when large amounts of occasional users are anticipated, the Named User can setup a Publication to be used by a set number of Concurrent Users.  In this case, the users are not individually known to the system, however their access to resources is restricted to the settings as specified in the Publication by the Named User that creates it.

As such, this Publication is very similar to the Orbit GT on-premises Publisher product.

The use of Publications with Concurrent Users is useful is situations such as :

  • Sharing amongst all co-workers of a city or municipality
  • Sharing with the public at large
  • Sharing with an undefined number of users of your customer or (sub-)contractor

NOTE : Publications will become available Q4 or 2017.


About Teams

A Team is simply a group of Named Users.  Any Named User can belong to any number of teams.  You need to be Owner or Administrator to create and manage Teams.

Teams can be used to assign permissions to resources and services to all members of that team in a single action.

Named Users keep their Role in whichever team they reside.