About Publications

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About Publications

What are Publications ?

A Publication is intended to share resources in a very formal and user friendly way.  It’s a great tool to preset the use of your resources with an adapted user interface.  A Publication contains of the following easy to manage components :

  • a Viewer Layout with selection of Resources
  • a set of Parameters allowing the user the desired level of interaction
  • means to share this Publication with co-workers, other organisations, or the public at large
    • NOTE : You can share a Publication without users having to sign in.


Why would I use a Publication ?

A Publication is an easy to use alternative to the sharing of individual resources.  When you share a resource, the co-worker must be a Named User and can open it individually from his/her Viewer Catalog.  Using a Publication, you preset a combination of resources, so that your co-worker, customer or contractor does not have to select each single one of them again.  This has quite a few advantages :

  • it’s a lot faster to get started
  • if well prepared, you’ve got all relevant resources at your fingertips at once
  • ideal for project oriented tasks
  • ideal for less trained co-workers
  • ideal for the public at large (share with Guest Users to avoid login)
  • ideal to be used in integrations by means of the 3D Mapping Viewer SDK.


How can I create and manage a Publication ?

You start of by simply using your viewer.

  1. Open the resources you wish to include
  2. Pick a screen layout.
  3. Prepare the view exactly as you wish you co-worker should start up with (point of view, zoom, etc)
  4. Then use the top right menu ‘Create Publication…” menu
  5. Enter a name.
  6. You will now be forwarded to the Console where you finish the Publication setup with a few more parameters.
  7. Finally, define with which co-workers you wish to share this Publication, internally or from other organisations.  Share with Guest Users to avoid login.
  8. Done.

Read more on the About Publication Setup page.

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