About Publications

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About Publications


A Publication is an organized and formal way to share Resources to a large number of users.

Publications are a well-prepared combination of one or more Resources and an adapted user interface.
Publications preset, restrict or describe :

  • Resources, including their visibilty, legend and order of listing.
  • Viewer Layout, including opened Views, Workspace Layout, View arrangement and Reference View placement.
  • Viewer Settings and Guest User Preferences.
  • Viewer functionalities and available Sidebars.
  • Company logo

Reasons to use

Publications are intended to share a combination of Resources in a formal and user-friendly way with co-workers, other organizations, or the public at large. It is an easy to use alternative to the sharing of individual Resources with Named Users.
Publications are much faster to get started. They give access to all relevant resources at once, so it is never needed to select each individual resource again.

Publications are ideal for :

  • Share with public at large, share with Guest Users and avoid login.
  • Use by Plugins and integrations by means of the 3D Mapping Viewer SDK.

Read more about Guest Users.

Create, Setup and Share

First, a Publication must be created. Next, a range of setup parameters can be specified and last,  setup to share the Publication. Publications can be created and managed by Resources Managers only.

Read more about User Roles.

Create Publication

To Create a Publication, starting from the Viewer go to
Viewer > Viewer Menu > Create Publication.

  • Open the Viewer as Named User having the User Role “Resource Manager”.
  • Add Resources, order, set visibility and legend.
  • Set Workspace, Reference View and Basemaps, Views and View Modes, Viewer Settings, … .
  • Prepare a good view point to start up.
  • Create the Publication from the Viewer’s top right menu.
  • Enter a name and go to the Console to complete Setup and Sharing.

To Create a Publication, starting from the Console go to
Console > Company Catalog > Publications > Create New Publication

  • Create New Publication.
  • Go to Setup and Edit in Viewer as described above.

Setup Publication

Once a Publication is created, it is possible to set Guest User preferences and limit the Viewer capabilities to create a simplified user interface.
Edits are saved and applied immediately. The list of Setup parameters will grow over time.

To Setup a Publication, go to
Console > Company Catalog > Publications > a Publication’s menu > Setup.

Share Publication

Once a Publication is set, it is ready to be shared with Named Users and Guest Users.
Named Users can be from your organization or from another organization. They can be added as a single user, by Teams or as part of the entire Organization.

You can also allow Guest Users to access the Publication.  First of all, set the number of Guest Users that can use a Publication simultaneously, by batches of 5 up to 25 Guest Users. More Guest Users can be added by batches 25 (0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 50, 75, …).

You can choose for Guest Users to either avoid login, or force login.  For example, when sharing to a large audiance, you may opt for no login.  If you need to protect your Publication and still want Guest Users to access it, you can list up the Guest Users that are allowed access.

To share a Publication, go to
Console > Company Catalog > Publications > a Publication’s menu > Share.

Read more about Named Users and Teams and Guest Users.

Share by URL and Token

Each Publication has a unique URL formed by the prefix “https://3dmapping.cloud/publication/” and a unique Token.
Tokes are especially useful when sharing Publications with Guest Users and accessing Publications from the SDK. The Viewer embedded via SDK provides a specific Token entry field to directly launch a Publication. A developer can also Preset the Token for a specific implementation.