About Sharing

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About Sharing

The Power of Sharing

One of 3D Mapping Cloud’s paramount features is the ease to share data.
Easy sharing with co-workers, either within your team or in another department, even on the other side of the globe.
But also sharing with third-party users such as customers, contractors, consultants, and others. Define access to data by setting the right permissions.

Every Resource or Publication can be shared with anyone else, on the level of a Named User, a Team, or a whole Organization. It can be within your organization, or with any other organization known in 3D Mapping Cloud. It’s also possible to share Publications or Bookmarks with named or anonymous Guest Users.

These items can be shared :
– a Resource and Resource Group
– a Publication
– a Bookmark
– a Hybrid Resource

Private vs Shared

A Resource or other sharable item is owned by a Named User part of one single Organisation.

The Named User that uploads a Resource becomes the Resource Owner. The Resource access permission is set to “Private”, meaning only the Resource Owner and the higher ranked user roles such as the company’s Resource Manager, Administrators and Account Owner, have access to the Resource.

Resources can be shared with Named Users and Teams within your organization or outside your organization. Additionally, Publications and Bookmarks can be shared with Named and Guest Users.
Only Named Users having the User Role “Sharing Manager” can share Resources, Publications, and Bookmarks.

Read more about Named Users and Teams, Guest Users, and User Roles.

Sharing Status

Private Resources
If a Resource is not shared, it is a Private Resource.
Internal Shared Resources
Resources shared with Named Users who belong to the same Organisation of the Resource Owner.
External Shared Resources
Resources shared with at least one Named User of another Organization or shared with Guest Users.
3rd Party Resources
Resources owned by another Organization. Access is granted by an External Share.