About Upload Tools

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About Upload Tools

Prepare and Upload Resources

3D Mapping data can be very complex. It is often much more than a single file and uploading via drag&drop on a webpage becomes tricky.
Therefore we offer three options to import, optimize and upload supported 3D Mapping and traditional GIS resources in a comprehensive way.

For an Organization to upload resources, the following conditions must be met :

  • The organization must have an active 3D Mapping Cloud Subscription.
  • The organization account has enough storage space avaialble for the selected resource.
  • The user must have permissions to upload data.

Read more about Subscriptions, Storage and Data Centers and User Roles.

Orbit 3D Mapping Content Manager

The Orbit 3DM Content Manager is a desktop product and provides tools to import, catalog, verify, adjust, re-organize, process, optimize, bundle and upload supported resources.
This product is not free of charge but is of great value to any data producer.

Management and processing of the huge amount and volume of complex 3D Mapping Data are not easy. The 3DM Content Manager helps you to solve all challenges that come with such data.
The 3DM Content Manager makes it possible to prepare and process all data is the best possible way. Processes and uploads can be started immediately or can be delegated to the Task Manager for upload e.g. overnight.

Download and product information is available on the Orbit GT Website.
Full reference documentation is available on the Orbit GT Knowledge Base.

Orbit 3D Mapping Cloud Upload Tool

The Orbit 3DM Cloud Upload Tool is a desktop product and provides tools to import, catalog, optimize and upload supported resources. The product does not allow to adjust nor to re-organize data.
This product free of charge for Named Users with User Role “Resource Manager”.

Read more about the Upload Tool here or Download right away : 3D Mapping Cloud Upload tool.

Full reference documentation is available on the Orbit GT Knowledge Base.
Read more about the User Roles that are required to use the tool.

Global Disc Shipping Service

If the volume of data is too much to upload, a global Disc Shipping Service is offered to get your data online on the Data Center of your choice.

Prepare your data using the desktop products as described above, then copy your project folder on a disc and send it to Orbit GT main office.
We will process and deliver to the Cloud Data Center of your choice. Disk handling and data transfer may take 2-3 weeks to complete.
Note that we will not process the data, nor access, nor check its quality or readyness.  This service assumes you have prepared the data as required for usage in 3D Mapping Cloud.