About Upload Tools

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Upload Tools

Options to Upload Data

  1. Use Orbit GT’ 3DM Content Manager.
    Use the 3DM Content Manager to prepare your data is the best possible way.
  2. Use the Orbit GT Global Disc Shipping Service.
    If the volume of your data is too large to upload, Orbit GT provides a Global Disc Shipping Service to get our data online on the Data Center of your choice.
  3. Use the free Upload tool
    Use this desktop tool to just import and upload.


Using Orbit 3D Mapping Content Manager

The  Orbit 3DM Content Manager provides the tools to upload a variety of content : Mobile Mapping, Oblique imagery, a UAV project, Indoor Mapping, Terrestrial Scans, vector and other GIS data.

3D Mapping data can be very complex.  The Content Manager helps you to solve all of the challenges that come with such data.
Use the Content Manager to prep your data and ready it for upload.  Then use the “3D Mapping Cloud upload” extension.

Sign In using your 3D Mapping Cloud account.  You will be able to upload if :

  • you have the proper data upload permission
  • your organisation account has enough free space for the dataset you select

You can then either start the upload immediately, or delegate it to the Task Manager for upload e.g. overnight.

As soon as you start any upload process, the volume of data required is reserved on the 3D Mapping Cloud.
As soon as all data is uploaded, the dataset will appear in your Catalog and you’re ready to go.

You will require Orbit 3DM Content Manager version 18 or higher
You can get it here :  www.orbitgt.com/3dm-content-manager.


Using Orbit GT’s Global Disc Shipping Service

Prepare you data in the very same way as described above, using the Orbit 3D Mapping Content Manager.  Check if your data is complete and correct.
Copy the project folder on a disc and send it to Orbit GT main office.
Orbit GT will process and deliver to the Cloud Data Center of your choice.
Full process may take 2-3 weeks to complete.


Using the free Upload tool

Use this desktop tool to import and upload, in the same way as you would use the 3DM Content Manager.  However, this tool does not allow to modify your data – just plain upload.
Read more about it on the dedicated About page.