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Free Desktop Upload Tool

Using the free 3D Mapping Cloud Upload Tool

What can you do with it ?

3D Mapping data can be quite complex.  As soon as it is more than 1 file, uploading data via drag&drop on a webpage becomes tricky.  Therefore, we’ve built a free desktop tool that imports, optimises and uploads your 3D Mapping data in a comprehensive way.

You can upload 3D Mapping data from Street-level Mobile Mapping, Indoor Mobile Mapping, Drone based Mapping, Aerial and Oblique Mapping and Terrestrial scans & imagery.  It also supports traditional GIS resources such as reference imagery and vector data.

How to get Started

Get the tool

Download here : [download id=”3206″].

Getting Started

This tool uses exactly the same methodology as the “Orbit 3DM Content Manager“.  Many of the online documentation can be found on the Orbit GT Knowledge Base about the 3DM Content Manager.

To be able to Upload data to 3D Mapping Cloud, you need to login.  You can do that in the right sidebar.  Your must have an active Named User account with appropriate upload permission (Resource Manager, Administrator or Owner).  Read more on the Knowledge Base for the Upload tool.

Import and Optimise 3D Mapping Resources

3D Mapping resources need to be well prepared and imported using an Orbit import template.  Templates reflect the setup of your hardware system.
Point Clouds, Planar and spherical images part of a 3D mapping resource must be optimised prior to upload to achieve maximum performance.  You can supplementary use the Optimise sidebar.

Overview of all Mapping Resources in the Catalog

The Catalog lists all imported mapping resources, 3D and 2D, as well their availability and readiness to upload.
It simply helps you to keep your projects under control.

Add and Optimise GIS Resources

Traditional GIS resources like Image, Vector and Point Cloud data need to be added to the catalog and optimised for streaming, prior to upload.

Upload Mapping and GIS Resources to 3D Mapping Cloud

3D Mapping Resources and GIS Resources listed in the “3D Mapping Cloud Upload” tab in the catalog, can now be uploaded.
Note : If the data volume is too big for your internet connection to upload, contact sales@orbitgt.com for our disk shipping service.

Task Manager

Data Import, Optimise and Upload tasks may take time depending on the data volume, processing hardware and internet connection.
Use the Task Manager to list and batch these processes so they can run overnight.

3D Mapping Content Manager

To modify a 3D Mapping Resource, to check positional accuracy, manage your coverage, apply trajectory adjustment, clean up point clouds, perform post collection alignment and more, check out the “Orbit 3DM Content Manager” which also includes all of this free Upload tool.  The 3DM Content Manager is the most complete tool to streamline any reality capture process into workable datasets.