About Subscriptions

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About Subscriptions

What is a Subscription ?

A Subscription is your basic engagement with 3D Mapping Cloud.  It defines the number of users and your payment cycle.

  • You choose the number of Named Users : that determines the price
  • You choose for monthly or yearly payments : a yearly subscription gives a significant discount

Next to a Subscription, there are additional services you may wish to choose for.  Most common is the use of Storage capacity or a number of Guest Users.
Additional Services are called Add-Ons and are generally paid for with the same payment cycle as your Subscription.
A subscription continues automatically untill you cancel it.

Changing your Subscription

Over time, your needs may change, and so must your subscription.  You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time.
Go to the Console Account>Subscription page to change your subscription.  Here’s how it works :

Upgrade your Subscription

Choose your new subscription at the time you need it.  On that moment, the new subscription price will be calculated based on the difference with the current subscription and its payment cycle.
For example : You have a subscription of 25 users on a monthly cycle, but need urgent upgrade today to 100 users.  3D Mapping Cloud will calculate the difference for the remaining period of this month, so you don’t pay one penny too much.  The upgrade can get into effect immediately.  Subsequent invoices will state the new subscription.

Downgrade your Subscription

Equally so, you can downgrade your subscription at any time.  However there’s one difference : the current subscription – which you pre-paid, will remain in effect until the next payment cycle.
For example : You have a subscription of 100 users on a monthly cycle, but now have less work to do and wish to downgrade to 25 users.  3D Mapping Cloud will keep your current subscription of 100 Users in place until next payment cycle, because after all you already paid for it.  But the next invoice will state your new subscription, and you will only be charged the cost for the new Plan.

Beware of the following :  When downgrading, you effectively get less Named Users.  So take care of your user list and make sure that you only have 25 active or enabled Named Users left when the payment cycle arrives.  Note that you do not have to remove any user, just making the user disabled or inactive is fine.
If there are more than 25 Named Users enabled on the next payment date, the system will not be able to execute the planned downgrade and keep at the previous subscription.  It is then up to the Administrator or other user with the proper role, to enable/disable the Named Users accordingly.