About Resources

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About Resources and Resource Groups


Resources are single data units of a certain data type. That unit can be small or very large. A resource can be a single file (e.g. point cloud), but it can also be a complex file and folder structure depending on the resource data type (e.g. mobile mapping run).

Traditional Geodata, such as Points, Lines, Areas are valid Resource data types. Other supported primitive data types are Point Clouds (e.g. Aerial LiDAR) and GIS Images, (e.g. file or web-based orthophotos).

Resources can also be of a complex nature, such as a Mobile Mapping Run, an Oblique Project, a UAV Flight, an Indoor Floor or a Static Scan. These types of Resources are comprised out of multiple subsets, each representing a part of what is needed to work with this data. Typically, these Resources contain data from multiple sensors.
For example, a Mobile Mapping Run can contain a point cloud, photo recording positions, spherical and/or planar images, a system trajectory, coverage and envelope, legend preferences, resource specifications (e.g. coordinate reference system) and legend preferences. However, the Resource appears as a single entry in any listing.

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Supported Data Types

Supported data types :

  • Street-level and Indoor Mobile Mapping
  • Drone based UAS Mapping
  • Aerial Oblique Mapping
  • Textured Mesh
  • Traditional GIS resources such as reference Ortho imagery and Vector Resources

Specs & Tags

Tags can be added and other metadata completed such as copyright for both Resources and Resource Groups.
If applicable, technical metadata is recalculated on the fly.

Prepare, Upload and Update Resources

3D Mapping Cloud expects the Resources to be well prepared. We have built great tools to help you do that.
Read more about Upload Tools to prepare and uplaod resources.