About Resource Groups

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About Resource Groups

Resource Groups

Resource Groups are groups of Resources. A Resource can belong to multiple Resource Groups.
A Resource Group is an easy way to organize data more effectively. Resources grouped by a Resource Group must share the same Data Type and Coordinate Reference System.

Resource Groups are created and managed in the Console. Specs, Tags and Sharing are equal for Resources and Resources Groups.
It is possible to create Resource Groups for any data type: a bunch of UAV flights to cover the area, several airplane passes to cover the region with aerial oblique or LiDAR, a set of Mobile Mapping runs, a set of Indoor Mapping runs, a set of Terrestrial scans.

When accessing a Resource Group in the Viewer, it will appear as a Resource: the Viewer makes no difference between Resources and Resource Groups.
There’s one setback to the Resource Group which is equal to its great advantage: all operations apply to all of the underlying resources.  So switching visibility on and off applies to all, changing the colorization of the point cloud, applies to all, and so on. For some purposes, you may still want to open the individual Resources, which is fine because they remain available as individual Resource as well.

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