About Guest Users

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About Guest Users

What are Guest Users

Guest users are non registered users that have access to portions of data that have been made public by a registered user.
Guest users can only have access to either Bookmarks or Publications.


What Guest Users can do and Named Users must prepare

When subscribing to 3D Mapping Cloud, you choose a number of users.  These are called Named Users as each of them is known by a unique email address.  Your Subscription thus holds X number of Named Users.

Named Users have many capabilities – depending on their roles and permissions.

Named Users with the appropriate permission, can create Bookmarks and/or Publications which both have the intention to share a preset of data to a third party.



A Bookmark is an informal way of sharing data, and can be shared with anyone by passing a URL or embedding in your website.  A Publication is a more formal method to share and fine-tune a certain setup to a specific list of Named Users, Teams or Organisations, and/or to a number of Guest Users.

The use of Bookmarks with Guest Users is useful is situations such as :

  • Ad Hoc Share a view with a co-worker by sending him/her the unique URL
  • Put a great example on your website

Read more on the About Bookmarks page.


A Publication presets the user interaction and resources that can be used.  Such Publication can be addressed to Named Users within and outside the Organisation’s Account. In this case, the users are not individually known to the system, however their access to resources is restricted to the settings as specified in the Publication by the Named User that creates it.

As such, this Publication is very similar to the Orbit GT on-premises Publisher product.

The use of Publications with Guest Users is useful is situations such as :

  • Sharing amongst all co-workers of a city or municipality
  • Sharing with the public at large
  • Sharing with an undefined number of users of your customer or (sub-)contractor

Read more on the About Publications page.


How to manage Guest Users

As a Subscription holder, wanting to share Bookmarks and Publications to Guests, you need to purchase a “budget” of Guest Users.  This is required to cover for the costs of the SaaS services to these non-registered users.  You do so in units of 25 guest users at the time.
Go to Account > Subscription and address your Guest Users budget – Upgrade or Downgrade any time.

Numbers of Guest Users can be used in 2 ways :

  • A fix number can be assigned to a Publication – this number of Guest users will always be available for this Publication, and not shared anywhere else.
  • Remainder of your budget is available for all shared Bookmarks together
  • The usage of Guest Users can be monitored in the Statistics Dashboard.
  • Upgrade / Downgrade any time.

Don’t forget you always have 5 Guest Users for free in your budget !


Guest Users with Logins : Password Protected Publications

When sharing a Publication with Guest Users, you basically share it with a maximum number of guests at one specific time (max concurrent use).  However, the guest users are unidentified, so anyone with the URL can access the Publication.  Now this may be good for a Ppublication you wish to share to the public at large, but in other occasions you may wish to share a Publication with a known list of guest users.  In order to do so, switch on ‘Login Required’ on the Manage Guest Users page.

Here you can enter logins for guest users.  When switched on, the Publication can only be accessed by guest users using one of these logins.  Of course, the guest user will have to choose a personal password before starting to use the Publication.