About Coupons

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About Coupons


Coupons are a way that your organisation can make a payment for a subscription of another organisation.  It’s like a Voucher that you can hand over to your business partner, customer, contractor.  You can only use Coupons if you have a valid Subscription.

With a Coupon, you can make the payment for an other organisation’s 3D Mapping Cloud account, as a whole or as a part.
There are several situations in which this is useful.  Let’s first learn how to do this.


Using Coupons

Buy a Coupon

  1. As Account Owner or as Billing Agent, go to the Console Page ‘Account > Coupons’.
  2. Choose which Subscription or Add-On you wish to buy, and perform the purchase.
  3. Your purchase will appear on your next invoice.
  4. The Coupon is a code you can now hand to your business partner.

Redeem a Coupon

  1. If you received a Coupon Code from a business partner, you can use this Coupon to Sign Up to 3D Mapping Cloud, or redeem when you already have a Subscription.
  2. If you need to Sign Up :
    1. Just Sign Up, follow the steps, and enter the Coupon Code in the appropriate field
    2. Round up your registration and you’re done.
  3. If you have a Subscription :
    1. Go to Account > Coupons and select Redeem Coupon.
    2. Enter the Coupon Code and there you go !

The Coupon will be valid for a certain subscription, add-ons and for a set time.  After that time, you either have to receive a new coupon from your business partner, or have to enter your credit card to continue the subscription.


Here’s Why Using Coupons is a good idea

Coupons are a great way to help partners on board.  Sharing and collaboration is key in today’s business.  When you have your data online, but your business partner isn’t registered yet, you can help your partner to sign up by providing a coupon.
It is important for your partner to have their own account on 3D Mapping Cloud.  After all, a partner is not a co-worker, and you do not wish to share all of your data with your partner, nor does the partner want to share all of their data with you.  So it’s not a good idea to invite your partner as if he/her is a co-worker on your account.
Secondly, your partner may have own data to store, share and process, for which 3D Mapping Cloud is a perfect solution.

Get your partner a kick-start

You can share your data in 1 click with anyone.  However, if your partner isn’t registered yet, get him/her on board by giving a Coupon.
First provide the Coupon, have your partner sign up, then share it with his/her organisation or individual.

This helps you to share your data efficient, easy and secured, and allows your partner to consult your data, today, and in the future.  You now have a common platform to share and collaborate on projects.

Share with your contractor

You have data you wish or need to share with your contractor ?  Simply upload and share your data with them.  The contractor can always connect, and fuse it with their own data.

Share with your customer

Keep your customer happy with up to date information of your job.  Upload the latest version of your project’s data, and share it instantly with your customer.  Give the customer access by providing a single Coupon to help him/her get started.

Comply with a tender

A tender may include that you need to host/provide online access to the data your produce.  And the customer doesn’t want to pay for it.  Fine, just provide Coupons to your customer to cover for their 3D Mapping Cloud account.

Don’t forget, you don’t want your business partner to have access to all of our data, so don’t invite them to your own account : help them start their own account, and then share your data.