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Pricing, Subscription and Add-Ons


Choose a Subscription as # of Named Users. Pay monthly or yearly and save up to 10%.

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  • Named Users
    Named Users
  • Storage Included
    Storage Included
  • Guest Users Included
    Guest Users Included
38 / month40 / month
  • 1
  • 100 GB
    100 GB
  • 5
140 / month150 / month
  • 5
  • 100 GB
    100 GB
  • 5
360 / month400 / month
  • 25
  • 100 GB
    100 GB
  • 5
900 / month1000 / month
  • 100
  • 100 GB
    100 GB
  • 5
  • ask
  • 100 GB
    100 GB
  • 5


Add Cloud Storage

Add additional Cloud Storage capacity for € 50/ TB / month.

Storage can be applied on any available Data Center across the globe.

Add Guest Users

Add additional Guest Users for € 400 / 25 guest users / month.

Guest Users don’t have a login and have access only to the views you share with them, either via an informal Bookmark or as a formal Publication.


All Subscriptions have the same capabilities

Subscriptions define the number of Named Users that can login to your organisation’s Account.  All subscriptions have equal capabilities, optionally limited by individual or team permissions. Here’s a shortlist of capabilities.

Storage & Resources

  • 100 GB free storage included.
    More storage needed, see add-ons.
  • World Wide covering datacenters.
  • Free tool for data processing.
  • Full Support for All Mapping Systems.
    Multi-Sensor data from Street-level or Indoor Mobile Mapping, Drone or UAS Mapping, Aeria, Oblique Mapping, and Terrestrial Mapping.
  • Full Support Spherical, Nadir and Oblique images.
  • Full Support for GIS Resources.
    Vector: Points, Lines, and Areas.
    Raster and Image, like orthophotos and streetmaps.
    Web : WMS, WMTS and TMS.
  • Unlimited size, number and resolution of Images.
  • Unlimited size, point number, density of Point Clouds.

Access & Viewing

  • Unlimited Access to Data and Bandwidth.
  • Unlimited Point Cloud and Image Streaming.
  • Full 3D Viewing of Point Clouds and Vector Data.
    Display of Backdrops in 3D View.
    Display of Basemaps in 3D View.
    3D Stereo Viewing of Point Clouds.
    Anaglyph, VR, Head-up Stereo.
  • Strong Image Viewing capabilities.
    Spherical, Planar Nadir and Oblique.
    Auto-Play Spherical Image.
    Overlay Point Cloud on Images.
    Overlay Vector Resources om Images.
  • Integrated Reference Map
    Smart synchronization and auto focus.
  • Various legend and colorization of Point Clouds.
  • Various legend and symbolics of Vector resources.
  • Various Screen Layouts.
    Up to 5 simultaneous Views.

Sharing, Bookmarks & Publications

  • Create and Share Bookmarks.
    Share with Named Users or Guest Users.
  • Create and Share Publications.
    Fine-tune available Toolset for Publications.
    Share with Named Users or Guest Users.
  • Share Single Resources and Resource Groups.
  • Various sharing options for Named Users :
    Share with Users, Teams or Organisations.
    Share within or outside your organization.
  • Monitor Usage & Statistics.
  • Embed bookmark in Website (iFrame).

Coming Soon :

  • Share time expiry and usage limitations.


  • Resources Listing
    Legend Editing, Visibility controls.
  • Workspace and Screen Layouts
    Various Screen Layouts
    Backdrops for 3D View.
  • 3D Measurements
    Points, Lines, Areas, including Arc, Catenary and Circle.
    Attribute, Save and Download measurement.
  • Tagging & Annotations
    Open, Save and Download.
  • Inspect, Select & Search Vector Resources
    Select vector data and display attributes.
    Search and query vector data attributes.
    Inspect vector data with Investigative Navigation.
  • Fly-through animation
    Create and play a 3D View fly-through animation
  • Snapshot and Report
    Take Snapshots, Report and Download.
  • Intelligent Point Cloud Intersection measurements.

SDK, API & Plugins

  • Free Viewer SDK
  • Free Usage and deployment
  • SDK Capabilities : Equal UX as in Browser
  • Access to SDK : Free registration as Developer
  • Usage of SDK for Development of Plugins : Free
  • Deployment of SDK-based Plugins : Free
  • Usage of COTS Orbit GT Plugins : Free
  • More information : see

Dashboard, Admin & Billing

  • Upgrade and Downgrade any time.
  • Free Billing Agent, except for ‘Single’ subscription.
  • Manage Users and Teams.
  • Manage Resources and Resource Groups.
  • Manage Roles and Permissions.
  • Statistics Dashboard
    Monitor usage to fine-tune your subscription.