About Sharing Resources

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About Sharing Resources

When you Upload a Resource

When you upload a Resource, you become the Owner of that Resource and the access permission is set to ‘Private’, meaning only you have access to the resource.
The next thing you want to do is share this Resource with other users within your organisation, or with individuals or teams of users outside your organisation.

How to Share Access to a Resource

Console – Manage Resources

Go to the Console and open the Catalog -> Manage Resources page from the menu.

  • the Resource will be listed as soon as upload is started.  Note :  you will not be able to view it until upload is completed.
  • the Sharing (Permission) will be set to ‘private’, meaning only you have access to this resource.

Select the resource and select ‘Share’ from the right hand menu.  You can only share when you are Owner or Administrator for this resource.

The Share page lists all Organisations, Teams and/or individual users you have shared the resource with.  As default, this list is empty, meaning the resource is set to ‘Private’.

In the entry field, type in the name of any user, team or organisation.  The entry field will list all matching items.


Pick the one you want so the ‘Add’ button becomes available



Hit the Add button to add this Organisation, Team or User to the list of “Shared With”.  The list will be updated.



How to Remove a Share

To remove a Share, simply look up the share in the table and hit the Remove menu option in the proper row.  The change is effective immediately.
So when the user from whom you have removed the Share opens his/her catalog, the resource will no longer be listed.
However, if the user is currently using this resource, it will remain available to the user for a maximum of 1 hour.  After that, continued use will be blocked.