About Publication Sharing

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About Publication Sharing

Sharing Publications

Once your Publication is set up, you can share it with anyone.

Basically, there are 2 types of persons you can share with :

  • Named Users (users that have an account on 3dmapping.cloud)
  • Guest Users (users that are unknown to 3dmapping.cloud)

Whichever way you wish to share you Publication, the Console offers the ways to manage that.


How to Share a Publication

Go to the Console, Catalog > Publications.  Use the far right menu to open ‘Administration and Sharing”


This page has 2 chapters :

  • Manage the Owner and the Administrators
  • Manage the Users


Manage Owner and Administrators

The Owner has all permissions to this Publication.  The Administrators have all editing permissions except the management of the owner and administrators, and deletion of the Publication.  Click on Manage to Change Owner or invite Administrators.  There’s only 1 Owner, but there can be several Administrators.

You invite the new Owner or Administrators by entering their email address.  Owner and Administrators must be named users within your Organisation.

Note : Every Publication has an Owner and optionally one or more Administrators.  Do not mix up the Owner/Admins of a Publication with the Owner/Admins of your Organisation’s Account.


Manage Users

Click on Manage to select the users with whom you wish to share.  Today, you can share with Named Users, either from your organisation, from another organisation, or with Teams from either.  You can also share with every user of an organisation at once.

Just type in the name (email address), Team name or Organisation name and hit Add.


The option to share with Guest Users will become available soon.  This option allows to share with users that will not require a login to access a Publication.


The Publication URL

Each publication has a unique URL formed out of 2 components :

  • https://www.3dmapping.cloud/publication/
  • the unique ‘token’ of the Publication

The token is displayed in the Publication Listing in the console.  Launch a Publication by clicking on the token (or use the menu).
You can also pass the URL or the Token to other persons.

NOTE : The tokens is especially useful when accessing a Publication from an SDK : The SDK provides a specific entry field to directly launch a Publication.
A developer can also Preset a Publication token for a specific implementation of the SDK.