About Publication Setup

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About Publication Setup

Creating a Publication

When you create a Publication, you start of by defining the Viewer settings (Resources, Viewer Layout, point of view, zoom, etc).
The second step is to specify a range of Setup Parameters.  This is done using the Console.  From here, you can also go back to adjust the Viewer settings.


The Publication Setup

Go to the Console, and select Catalog > Publications from the menu.  You may have access to the Publication under your private Profile as well.


In the list of Publications, the right hand menu gives access to the Publication Setup.


Open en view the Publication’s Setup parameters as seen on the image below.  The list of parameters will grow over time.
At launch of the Publication capabilities, this list is limited to few essential parameters, while others are preset.
Follow our Blog to be up to date on the availability of new parameters.


Simply change any parameter on this page.  Edits are saved and any change is applied immediately.

Done !