About Named Users and Teams

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About Named Users and Teams

Named Users

Named Users are individually defined users, they are known to the system and belong to a 3D Mapping Cloud Account. They are identified by their unique email address and are part of one Account. These users can sign in and have access to the Console and the Viewer.

Named Users have full access to the Viewer and all its capabilities and they can view Resources for which they have permission. Depending on their Role, they can additionally manage Resources, Publications, Shares on Resources and Publications, Users and the organisation’s Subscription.

Named Users having the User Role “User Manager” can invite other Named Users to join the organization’s Account. Invited users receive an email to accept and complete the invitation process. There can be as many active Named Users as the organization’s¬†Subscription permits.¬†It is possible to upgrade or downgrade the Subscription at any time. Named Users set to inactive are not counted.

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Teams are groups of Named Users. A Named User can belong to multiple Teams.
Teams can be used to share Resources and Publications. There are no Roles assigned to Teams. Named Users keep their Role in whichever Team they reside.

Guest Users

Guest Users are undefined users, they are unknown to the system and do not belong to a 3D Mapping Cloud Account. These users cannot sign and have no access to the Console nor to the Viewer Catalog.
Guest Users can only access the Viewer by opening Publications or Bookmarks which are prepared by Named Users and that are shared with Guest Users.

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