About Hybrid Data Centers

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About Hybrid Data Centers

What is it ?

A Hybrid Data Center is a Virtual Data Center you host yourself.  You install a 3DM Publisher on premises and upload your 3D Mapping data into the Publisher.

In 3D Mapping Cloud, you can declare a 3DM Publisher as being a known Hybrid Data Center.  resources form the Publisher can then be shared with your cloud account.


How does it work ?

First, you declare a running 3DM Publisher as ‘Hybrid Data Center’.  Note that the 3DM Publisher needs to be accessible from your desktop, using a fixed IP address.

Once that is done, you can select any of the Publisher’s resources to be available in your 3D Mapping Cloud account.  Other resources will remain hidden.

From there on, resources that are physically stored on the 3DM Publisher or on any other 3D Mapping Cloud Data Center are perfectly equal : you can share them, organize in Resource Groups or Projects, fuse them with other resources in your view or Publication and so on.

However, there is 1 restriction : you need to be able to access the IP address where the 3DM Publisher is installed to view the data.  For example, if you’re using the on premises 3DM Publisher in a confined environment, you may have access to the cloud and the Publisher only when working from within your organisations network.  resources located in the Publisher may thus not be accessible from outside that network, e.g. when working from home.  The accessibility of the 3DM Publisher is determined by the company’s IT settings.

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