About Bookmarks

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About Bookmarks

What are Bookmarks ?

A Bookmark is a snapshot of your current View.  It holds the Resources, your Views, your Screen setup, your Point of View etc.

If you’re a Named User, you can simply save a Bookmark by opening the Bookmark sidebar, and hit Create.  Just enter an Name and you’re done.
You can save as many Bookmarks as you like.


Bookmarks are private to you.  It helps you to go back to a viewpoint or situation that you marked as being relevant for a certain purpose.
Therefore, make sure you give them a good name. Once you got many, you can use the search function to retrieve the one you’re looking for.

A Bookmark can also be edited.  You can change the name or update the view ad hoc.

Sharing Bookmarks

Though a Bookmark is private to you, you can also share it with any Guest User.  Sharing a Bookmark is an ad hoc and informal way of sharing data and views.  The Guest User will have less tools available than you have as Named User.  On the other hand, you cannot tweak your view: it’s ad hoc, informal.

A Bookmark can be opened using a URL that you can provide to a Guest User – you can even send an email directly.
You can also embed a Bookmark in a website, using HTML iFrame code that is presented to you.

Bookmarks cannot be managed or tweaked.  There are only 2 options to be set:

  • Share Publicly or not :
    • Public sharing : anyone can access it as Guest user, either by using a URL or viewing when embedded on your website.   Make sure your Account provides enough Guest user access.
    • Non Public sharing : the user needs to sign in – only Named Users can access.  However, there is no condition set to which Named Users can access.  As long as the person can sign in, the Bookmark can be opened.  So make sure you only share it with the right people !
  • Include Annotation or not :
    • Decide if the current Annotation should be a part of your Bookmark so also the Annotation will be shared with whomever you share the Bookmark with.

Formal Sharing

As sharing of Bookmarks is very ad hoc and informal, you may have the need for a more formal way of sharing data, where you can control who has access, tweak the appearance and features.  That way of sharing is called a Publication.