About Bookmarks

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About Bookmarks


A Bookmark is a snapshot of your current View.  It holds the Resources, your Views, your Screen setup, your Point of View, etc.

If you’re a Named User, you can simply save a Bookmark by opening the Bookmark sidebar and hit Create.  Just enter a Name and you’re done.
You can save as many Bookmarks as you like.

Bookmarks are private to you.  It helps you to go back to a viewpoint or situation that you marked as being relevant for a certain purpose.
Therefore, make sure you give them a good name. Once you got many, you can use the search function to retrieve the one you’re looking for.
A Bookmark can also be edited.  You can change the name or update the view ad hoc.

Informal Sharing

Though a Bookmark is private to you, you can also share it with any Guest User.  Sharing a Bookmark is an ad hoc and informal way of sharing data and views.  The Guest User will have fewer tools available than a Named User.  On the other hand, you cannot tweak your view: it’s ad hoc, informal.

A Bookmark can be opened using a URL that you can provide to a Guest User – you can even send an email directly.
You can also embed a Bookmark in a website, using HTML iFrame code that is presented to you.

Formal Sharing

As sharing of Bookmarks is very ad hoc and informal, you may have the need for a more formal way of sharing data, where you can control who has access, tweak the appearance and features.  That way of sharing is called a Publication.