The About Pages

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The About Pages

The About Pages explain the concepts of 3D Mapping Cloud as a first acquaintance to the vast amount of capabilities of this SaaS platform.
Look below to find a topic of your interest to learn about it.

The full reference documentation of the 3D Mapping Viewer is available on the Orbit GT Knowledge Base.

About 3D Mapping Cloud

3D Mapping Cloud is a product of Orbit GT.
It is a cloud-based platform to View, Share, Process, Operate, and Integrate 3D Mapping data.
Read more here about the product in general.

About Data and Sharing

To learn about the concepts regarding Data management, Sharing of data and how to View the data, we suggest the following pages :

  1. Prepare and Upload 3D Mapping content to the cloud :
  2. Organize your content or Resources:
  3. Share access to resources:

About Subscription, Coupons, Users and Storage

To learn about the concepts regarding your account, the subscription, users and storage options, we suggest these pages :

  1. Learn about Data Storage, how and where to store data:
  2. Learn about your Account, Subscriptions and Users
  3. Keep control over your account :

About Viewing

To learn more about the 3DM Viewer go to Orbit’s Knowledge Base.